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    2. 中文

      Company profile

      Survival by quality, development by reputation, management for effect, and constantly improve their core competitiveness!

              Huangshi Zhongcheng Automation Technology Co. ,Ltd. is the earliest manufacturer engaged in SZD bicycle trolley (hoist) research and development. The company is located in Huangshi City Economic Development Zone Wujiahong Industrial Park. Founded in 1995, the company has strong technical design capabilities and professional engineering and technical personnel. The company's main business is engaged in mechanical automation production line development and research. After more than ten years of rapid development, The company's products are EMS trolley system, rectangular double-track trolley, HZD program control driving, KDK light crane, vertical suspension chain conveyor, friction conveyor Lift, BP single (double) plate conveyor, AGV intelligent car, skid conveyor system, DT ground chain conveyor system, phosphorus plate conveyor, GZT roll, stacking roller conveyor and fixtures and other non-standard conveyor equipment.

              The products have been sold to major automobile, engineering machinery, and engine manufacturers across the country, such as FAW Group, SAIC Group, Dongfeng Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, GAC Group, BYD Automobile, Tesla Automobile, Chery Automobile, Great Wall Motors, Yutong Group, Jinlong Group, Zhongtong Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile, Jiangling Group, XCMG Group, Zoomlion Group, Sany Group, Lovol Heavy Industry, Luoyang Yituo, Dongfeng Jingguan, Weichai Power Group, Yuchai Power Group, Dong'an Power Co., Ltd., Quanchai Power Co., Ltd., as well as industries such as light industry, food, electronics, and chemical industry, have been exported to Russia, the United States, India, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and other places.

              In 2003, we undertook the production of over ten tons of EMS self-propelled trolley conveyor lines in China;

              In 2003, we undertook the domestic dual station pre-treatment electrophoretic EMS self-propelled trolley conveyor line;

              In 2008, we undertook the production of a pre-treatment electrophoresis conveyor line for domestic buses;

              In 2010, we undertook the production of a synchronous painting conveyor line for domestic frame and rail integration;

              In 2013, we developed and applied an automatic docking device for domestic sliding contact lines;

              The successful application of pneumatic fixtures in the loop self-propelled trolley lifting system was developed in 2015;

              In 2017, we developed and applied an electrophoretic intelligent overhead crane with automatic flipping pre-treatment for dual driver's cabins in China;

              In 2018, the flexible intelligent roller conveyor system for automotive component assembly won the third prize for scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province;

              In 2019, the technology giant won the hidden championship in the sub sectors of pillar industries in Hubei Province;

              In 2020, it was rated as an outstanding contributing enterprise and a provincial-level joint innovation center between enterprises and schools;

              In 2021, awarded the title of Hubei Province Specialized, Refined, Special, and New Little Giant;

              In 2022, it was awarded the national level specialized and innovative Little Giant.

              Company tenet: Customer interests first, quality as life

              Corporate Vision: Excellent Intelligent Device Integrator and Service Provider

              Business philosophy: Project is the king, work is the first priority


      Business philosophy and vision

      • 01


        Excellent intelligent device integrator and service provider

      • 02


        Customer interests first, quality as life

      • 03


        Specialization, branding, and internationalization

      • 04


        Project is king, work is first

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